Image for Say cheers to beers, wines and spirits in paper bottles

Say cheers to beers, wines and spirits in paper bottles

This summer, a raft of drinks in plant-based bottles are hitting the market, boasting a tiny carbon footprint

This summer, a raft of drinks in plant-based bottles are hitting the market, boasting a tiny carbon footprint

Here are a trio of drinks business world-firsts worth raising a glass to: beer, wine and tequila in bottles made of plant-based materials.

Carlsberg has developed a new wood- and plant-based fibre bottle that the company says protects the taste and fizziness of the lager just as well as glass, and also insulates the drink, keeping it cooler for longer. The bio-based fibre bottle is fully recyclable and has a plant-based polymer lining. It is currently being trialled in its largest pilot by Carlsberg to date – 8,000 bottles containing beer brewed with regeneratively grown barley – in countries across the UK and Europe.

Gloucester-based wine retailer When in Rome launched three Italian wines in recycled paper bottles on Ocado in May. Their 94 per cent recycled paper bottle, made in collaboration with sustainable packaging outfit Frugalpac, boasts a carbon footprint that they say is 84 per cent smaller than glass. The firm said its paper also aim to overcome the stigma around ‘bag in box’ wines, which are typically viewed as being inferior.

“We’re here to prove that whether you’re drinking from a glass bottle or a paper bottle, the quality of the wine is not impacted,” said When in Rome founder Rob Malin.

Although glass is one of the most recyclable materials, the process of heating it to a melting point of 1,600C is a drain on energy. Paper or cardboard bottles are also lighter than glass, so cheaper to distribute.

To that end, out of Stockholm, Buen Vato is having a shot at tequila in cardboard bottles, which launch in July. “The drinks industry needs a shake-up, and sustainability needs to be placed at the heart of this transformation,” said Claes Puebla Smith, CEO of AliasSmith, which owns the Buen Vato brand.

Main image: Carlsberg

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