Natural leader

Mark Constantine's journey to becoming co-founder of the globally successful Lush cosmetics brand was no easy route. A big loss led to the winning idea that good ethics makes good business sense

Reclaiming ritual

Traditionally the preserve of religion and state, ritual is being reclaimed across society in newly creative ways. As a means to connect with others and with what is important, how can ritual [...]

Women at the top

Are quotas the best way to improve gender diversity in positions of power? Consensus can be tougher than conflict. We present a complicated issue to two thought leaders and ask them to respond [...]

A Glasgow welcome

Ostracised throughout Europe for centuries, Roma immigrants are finding Glasgow more welcoming. Education and trust-building are at the heart of the city’s attempts at cultural integration

In the balance

As globalisation forces change among remote communities in the Arctic, a circus and a festival are helping people cope with despair and suicide – and keeping indigenous arts alive at the same time

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