About Positive News

Positive News is the media brand for rigorous journalism about what’s going right.

We report socially relevant and uplifting stories of progress – ranging from the global boom in renewable energy to cities that are solving homelessness – joining the dots between how people, communities and organisations are changing the world for the better.

We publish daily online and Positive News magazine is published quarterly in print.

Our mission

While most of the news overwhelms people with negative narratives, instead Positive News is here to offer a lens on the world that helps give people a fuller picture of reality, supports their wellbeing and empowers them to make a positive difference. In doing so, we’re showing the rest of the media that good news matters.

Our organisation

Positive News is an independent media brand that’s structured as a community benefit society (a form of social enterprise with a co-operative ownership structure).

Owned by 1,500 of our readers in 33 countries, our profits are reinvested in creating inspiring journalism for the public benefit. Our directors are elected by and from our community of co-owners.

We are pioneers among the growing movement towards ‘solutions journalism’, also known as ‘constructive journalism’.

Our certifications