5 things you might not expect schoolchildren to say (but these ones do)

We met students from around the world who attend ‘positive education’ institutions. Their thoughts capture how the model could rewrite the rules around learning

1. “When asked for my interests, I said I liked sleep and food. So I ended up doing a project on dreaming and one on healthy eating”

2. “If I feel my concentration dip, I’m allowed to leave for half an hour to dance, which is a big passion of mine. When I am re-energised, I go back to work”

3. “I know my strengths and values now, and I know how to use them”

4. “We do a lot of movement. The teaching is more interesting and easier for the brain”

5. “I like that we are encouraged to research and present differently, for example by interviewing a chef or giving a cooking workshop”

Read our feature on ‘positive education’ here. We ask, could models like this enhance not just wellbeing but academic performance too?

Main image: Arian Zwegers

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