Mind how you go: 3 ways travel can help boost mental health

Meaningful travel is about more than being a responsible tourist; there are mental health benefits too

1. Creativity

New experiences add fresh colours to our ‘mental palette’ and spark the imagination. When caught up in the stresses of modern life, our thinking is more likely to stick to familiar patterns. When we loosen those chains – and travel is the ultimate jailbreak – our minds can soar. Explore something new, on your doorstep or across the world.

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2. Confidence

When we jump off a bungee platform, or fly down a zip-wire, we are getting more than a rush. We’re boosting our self-esteem and confidence and changing the way we view ourselves. When we land, we are not the same person who trembled at the top. Challenge yourself to an adventure: from trudging up a snowy hill to sledging down it.

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3. Perspective

Stuck in a rut? The answer may be to change perspective. Literally. The old adage that travel broadens the mind is true, but the reverse is also correct – staying still can lead to narrow thinking. Travel helps create cognitive flexibility. Whatever problem you’re mulling over, the answer may be as simple as thinking about it from somewhere new.

Images: Moyan Brenn