Image for University ditches beef to beat climate change

University ditches beef to beat climate change

The move forms part of Goldsmiths’ pledge to reach carbon neutrality by 2025

The move forms part of Goldsmiths’ pledge to reach carbon neutrality by 2025

Students returning to Goldsmiths, University of London, this autumn will notice beef dishes missing from menus. The university in south London has decided to ban the red meat in a bid to become carbon neutral by 2025. Students will also have to pay a 10p levy on bottles and single-use plastic cups.

“Declaring a climate emergency cannot be empty words,” said Professor Frances Corner (pictured), the new warden of Goldsmiths. The move has been criticised by farmers, who claim British beef is reared more efficiently than it is overseas. However, many scientists believe reducing red meat consumption will help humanity mitigate the impact of climate change.

Image: Professor Frances Corner OBE, warden of Goldsmiths, photographed by Ben Queenborough

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