Image for ‘Make cities home to nature as well as to us.’ Ten ways to support wildlife in urban areas

‘Make cities home to nature as well as to us.’ Ten ways to support wildlife in urban areas

Ten proposals on making cities nature-friendly from the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife, headed up by naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham

Ten proposals on making cities nature-friendly from the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife, headed up by naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham

The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife has been produced by a coalition of independent voices, from nature writer Robert Macfarlane to teen conservationist Mya-Rose Craig.

The document includes a set of essays on topics ranging from hedgerows to rewilding, followed by 10 “no-brainer solutions” for each about how to boost wildlife and conservation in the UK today.

Below are the manifesto’s 10 suggestions for wildlife in urban areas

1. Pave the way

Planning permission to be required for the paving, decking and fake-turfing of more than 10 per cent of any garden

Image: Sergei Akulich

2. Look sharp

Hedgehog holes to be made compulsory in all new fencing

Image: Ashleigh Robertson

3. Homes within homes

Swift, sparrow and starling boxes to be compulsory in all new-build homes, with incentives offered for retrofitting nest boxes on older properties

Image: helloimnik

4. Go native

Native shrubs and trees to be mandatory in municipal planting schemes and new-build gardens to increase insect abundance

Image: Krzysztof Niewolny

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5. Feed the worms

New incentives for home-composting, such as free compost bins or reduced council tax bills

Image: Maarten van den Heuvel

6. Open access

Significant new public funding to keep parks and urban green spaces open

Image: Mehdi Thomas Boutdarine

7. Ponds for all

Wildlife ponds to be created on every industrial estate and in all municipal parks

Image: Jack Hamilton

8. Wild at heart

All public green spaces and parks to have a minimum of 10 per cent given over to wildflower meadows

Image: Mehmet Kursat Deger

9. Communal green spaces

All new-build estates to have a communal pond and wildlife friendly communal ‘green spaces’, to be maintained by the development or management company

Image: Leo Rivas

10. Pollinator pop-ups

Areas earmarked for future development to be used as temporary ‘pop-up’ habitats typically sown with quick- growing annual flower mixes to provide food for pollinators

Image: Stella de Smit

Featured image: Vincent van Zalinge

Urban nature proposals taken from

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