Happiness is… The most popular class in Yale University’s history

Lucy Purdy

What’s the secret to happiness? This course at Yale University seeks to find out – and it has proved extremely popular

A class titled Psychology and the Good Life at Yale University in the US is so popular that one in four undergraduate students have enrolled.

Laurie Santos, the psychology professor who teaches on the course, says it is the most students ever to enrol in a class in the history of Yale, which was founded in 1701.

Homework assignments include showing more gratitude, performing acts of kindness and improving social connections. The course also includes practical advice such as choosing satisfying careers, and separating satisfying pursuits from hollow ones.

Now, I really try to focus on the present moment and the people around me

Senior student Rebekah Siliezar told Reuters: “What’s most pressing on our minds is grades; the next job; potential salary after graduation.” “Now,” she said, “I really try to focus on the present moment and the people around me.”

Due to demand, the course is now being offered free to the public through coursera.org

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