Image for Five enlightening new museums creating a buzz this summer

Five enlightening new museums creating a buzz this summer

Offering fresh takes on art, youth culture and slavery, among other things, these cultural attractions are becoming instant landmarks

Offering fresh takes on art, youth culture and slavery, among other things, these cultural attractions are becoming instant landmarks

1. International African American Museum, South Carolina, US

Located at the arrival point for almost half of enslaved Africans brought to America, this new museum documents the unvarnished story of the African American experience. There are 12 permanent exhibitions, exploring everything from the empires of west Africa to life on a plantation. Check out the African Ancestors Memorial Garden, which includes a sweetgrass field and palm grove.

Image: Greg Noire 

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2. Young V&A, London, UK

London’s youth culture scene got a boost just in time for the summer holidays with the opening of Young V&A, a ‘doing’ museum showcasing the power of creativity in children’s lives. The museum’s beautiful 19th-century building has been transformed into three galleries curated with childhood development front of mind. Expect sensory playscapes, a finger skateboard park, storytelling stage and an open design studio.

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3. Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland

Opening in 2024, this long-anticipated new building is designed to be a symbol of the new and revitalised Warsaw, a city of culture and diversity. Situated on Plac Defilad (Parade Square), the location of the iconic and controversial Soviet-era Palace of Culture and Science, it will transform what was once an open space for parades and propaganda into a home for modern art and culture.

Image: Museum of Modern Art

4. Sydney Modern, Australia

Sydney’s newest cultural landmark is an astonishing multi-levelled structure of soaring glass with 23,681 sq ft of exhibition space, all powered by renewable energy. Opened to the public a few months ago following a decade-long, £187m expansion, it boasts one of the world’s largest collections of Aboriginal art. Don’t miss the fantastic new public art garden overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Image: Iwan Baan

5. The Museum of Art & Photography, Bengaluru, India

Opened in February, this new museum for South India aims to preserve India’s rich artistic legacy and democratise art and culture by making it accessible to diverse audiences. Based in Bengaluru’s museum quarter, the 44,000 sq ft space includes 60,000 artworks ranging from sculpture to textiles, with a focus on photography. There’s also an open-access library, education centre and rooftop restaurant.

Image: Museum of Art & Photography
Main image: Picture Plane  

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