Taking the plunge: five UK wild swimming spots

From South Devon to Scotland, Ella Foote of the Outdoor Swimming Society picks five of the UK’s best wild swimming spots

1. The river Thames

Image: Ella Foote

That’s right! The river Thames is a beautiful place to swim. It is the UK’s most famous river and just outside of London, in Berkshire, the water is clear and wildlife abundant.

2. South Devon and the river Dart

Image: Ella Foote

South Devon is a great place for fantastic coastline swims as well as the magic of the river Dart. You’ll find fresh water the colour of amber, and lush green vegetation.

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3. Isle of Arran, Scotland

Image: Ella Foote

Wild swimmers are spoilt for choice in Scotland: its lochs and beaches are jewels. This spot, on the Isle of Arran, is like being in an emerald stone with the most fantastic view.

4. Rosebush Quarry, Pembrokeshire

Image: Ella Foote

This spot is hidden away but simple to find. It offers clear, cool water and is different every time you visit, depending on the weather.

5. Durdle Door, Dorset

The Dorset coast is rich in swim spots, but the colour of the water, the geology and excitement of swimming through the door makes this a truly special spot.

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