Salt with added seaweed offers way to restore nutrients in daily diet

A new type of salt has been launched with the broadest range of minerals and micronutrients of any natural food, according to its manufacturer.

The Mineral Salt is a healthy alternative to table salt, made from 50% wild organic Hebridean seaweed and 50% unrefined Cornish Sea Salt.

Seagreens, the company behind the product, is an Anglo-Scottish joint venture, which its founder, Simon Ranger, first started in Norwegian Lapland with the aim of “getting at least a daily gram of the finest seaweeds into the human diet.”

Simon says that eating ocean vegetables can restore our balance of micronutrients, which are now drastically depleted in soils and the food chain and are imbalanced in diets consisting of manufactured foods.

With current daily salt intake levels of up to 10 grams per person, Simon hopes that by replacing half the salt in a range of everyday foods with ground up wrack seaweed (which tastes much like normal salt), 4-5 grams of whole food seaweed can be introduced into the national diet.

“This would be similar to the level of seaweed in the traditional Japanese diet, among the healthiest in the world,” Simon says, “and it would meet the government’s targets to cut salt by at least 4 grams a day.”

Over the past 14 years, Seagreens has established itself as Britain’s leading brand for seaweed food and has recently won product awards for The Mineral Salt as well as having won awards for its business practice and its research into obesity.

The company has established the Seaweed Health Foundation for seaweed research and education, with offices in Edinburgh and London. Alongside other manufacturers and its academic partners, such as the Centre for Food Innovation at Sheffield, the foundation will further research health issues and ways in which seaweed can help to balance our daily diet. 20% of Seagreens’ ingredient sales are donated to the Seaweed Health Foundation.

The Mineral Salt, in a 100g glass jar with a shaker top, is available in natural food stores including Planet Organic, Revital and Whole Foods Market in London and elsewhere. For a free copy of The Rebalancing Potential of Seaweed by Simon Ranger, please contact Seagreens.

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