New online network to make permaculture mainstream

A new website is showcasing permaculture projects and practitioners from across the world, in an effort to revolutionise the way permaculture is practiced and bring it into mainstream consciousness.

The Worldwide Permaculture Network is an interactive database set up for networking, learning, friendship and inspiration, which has been developed by the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia (PRI).

The website, which has over 1300 designer profiles and hundreds of projects registered so far, is part of the Institute’s ‘permaculture master plan’, to educate the world in permaculture design principles and application. Each project featured is a demonstration of what is possible in different regions and climates, with the website providing the ‘how to’ information behind their experiences in creating sustainable human cultures and healthy landscapes.

“The ideal and ultimate goal is that these projects will self-replicate to the point where they will saturate the global landscape with mutually interdependent and resilient communities of knowledgeable permaculture practitioners,” says Craig Mackintosh, the network’s creator. “The PRI seeks to develop and support the growth of successful, mutually beneficial relationships, both between individuals and communities, and between these and the land at their feet.”