Your Money

An A -Z Guide to Making Your Money Go Further

Your Money is a practical ‘use less, save more’ guide to making your finances go further. With all the general gloom and doom that seems to surround the credit crunch, this book takes a refreshing look at the recession, making it possible to have fun, even if we need to be careful about how we spend our money.

Your Money provides a series of cash saving tips and ideas, from organising a swap party, to buying food in bulk with friends and neighbours. The less we buy, the more we have in our pockets, not to mention fewer goods that are going to landfill and polluting the planet – and there is even information on all the free stuff that can be had, if we just took the time to find it.

‘Your Money’ by Jon Clift and Amanda Cuthbert,
Published by Green Books,
Price £4.95 ISBN: 978 1 900322 53 9

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