World Vision Alternative Gifts

Gifts that make a world of difference

World VisionAlternative Gifts are life-changing. Friends and family receivegreeting cards with details of gifts that they know will make a bigdifference. Communities in developing countries request the essentialsthey need to change their lives. You can be sure your gifts will bereally appreciated both here and by families around the world.

You could give some real pedal power and buy a bike for a volunteer healthcareworker to take their message out to communities in Zambia. They’ll helppeople learn about preventing malaria and HIV, saving many lives.

Or Give a farmer a llama with this fantastic new gift! It’s your chance toprovide families in the Cochabamba region of Bolivia with a betterbreed of llamas, producing higher quality wool to help improve income.

There are a variety if inventive and life changing gifts that will suit most people’s festive seasons budgets.

Take a look at the website to see what a real difference can be made by your gifts this Christmas.

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