Unity Gardens

Unity Gardens in Hereford began as a project of the National Permaculture Association and is a member of the Federation of City Farms and Community gardens.
Fun and games at Unity Gardens. Photo: © Daisy Blench

Originally the old council nurseries, the site was destined for housing but founders, Helen and Jim, managed to rent the land.

Unity Gardens has come a long way since starting in 2002. They received funding to renovate the hothouse and four large glass-houses that were already there. They use a lot of their own fresh, organic salad and vegetables in their vegetarian cafÈ and also sell their produce to other places. Many volunteers help in the garden.
They also run workshops and training in horticulture, craft and woodwork. Schools and families with younger children and other groups all join in with interesting tasks in the garden and have lots of fun. The site is fully accessible to all.

Unity Gardens has huge potential. The second half is still owned by the council and used for storage. Helen would like to be able to lease it as well because it has an old walled garden which could be recreated and some outbuildings which could be used to keep animals. As it also directly joins the allotments, they would like to make a joining path so that they and the allotment owners could share ideas and facilities.
FURTHER INFORMATION : Tel: 01432 273901