Tap into WaterAid

Restaurants across the UK are encouraging customers to make an optional small donation to WaterAid, in exchange for a glass of water.

Launched across the UK on United Nations World Water Day, Tap into WaterAid’ is simple but inspired. It is a way for restaurants, cafÈs, bars and their customers to help make a difference to the 1.1 billion people worldwide, who have no access to safe drinking water. The campaign encourages restaurants to ask for a small, voluntary donation in return for tap water. All the donations are then passed on to WaterAid to fund their life-saving water, sanitation and hygiene education projects in the developing world.

Banner’s restaurant in London’s Crouch End pioneered this exciting venture back in 2005, when they started asking customers for an extra 15p. Owner Juliette Banner, said: ‘The response we’ve had from the public has been phenomenal ñ people are normally happy to pay a contribution, when they know it helps get clean drinking water to people less fortunate than them-selves. People tell us it’s a really positive thing. In just under three years we have raised £10,000. I hope that other restaurants will be following our lead.’

‘Every restaurant should join in with this initiative: it’s a no-brainer,’ said Soul diva, singer and songwriter Beverly Knight, when she dropped into Banners to offer her support. ‘You’re not even going to notice 15p added on to your bill but those pennies soon stack up to a load of money, which will be literally life-changing for some communities in the world.’

WaterAid say: just £1 pays for a bucket and rope in Mozambique. £3 pays for a tap, which will serve 250 people in Tanzania. £5 pays for a sack of cement in Madagascar and £10 buys a simple suction pump in Bangladesh.

The following restaurants have already signed up to Tap into WaterAid and include: Banner’s Restaurant, London; The Churchill Arms, Chipping Campden; The Quarter Restaurant, Liverpool; The Cottage Co-operative, Bradford on Avon; Queens Wood Cafe, London; Polmary Restaurant, Looe; The Bell at Buckland, Frome and The Marshmallow Restaurant, Moreton-in-Marsh. If your favourite restaurant, cafÈ or bar has not yet become part of this scheme, why not encourage them to start.

Contact: WaterAid, 2nd floor,
47-49 Durham Street,
London, SE11 5JD
Tel: +44 (0)845 6000 433

Photo: © WaterAid

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