Roars Not Whispers

‘Young people in Scotland aren’t the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today! Make a roar not a whisper!’ says Hilary Lynn, Vice-Chair, Scottish Youth Parliament

Roars Not Whispers is an exciting and inspiring project open to young people in Scotland ñ a fantastic opportunity for any 16-25 year old to create change.

The venture, jointly run by Oxfam and the Scottish Youth Parliament, is looking to increase the number of youngsters who want to learn how to promote and actively lobby for the onset of change within their communities.

‘All you need is enthusiasm and a real willingness to commit time regularly. We will give you the help and support to start working with others through three interactive weekends and connect you up with other young people in your area,’ explains Hilary Lynn, Vice-Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament. ‘If you want to make change happen and get others to hear about the things that concern you, we will give you the information, tools and links to turn your voice into action.’

If you know where it’s at’, join Roars Not Whispers and help maintain a strong and effective youth voice within Scotland and across the World.

Contact: Scottish Youth Parliament,
9 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh,
Scotland, EH12 5EZ

Peer leaders from Phase Two of the Roars Not Whispers Project
Photo: © Roars Not Whispers

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