Reporting the World

Reporting the World is a service for journalists striving to uphold the values of balance, fairness and responsibility in their coverage of international affairs. More than 200 editors, writers, producers and report-ers have joined interested professionals from other related fields, to discuss how best news can inform and orientate readers and audiences in today’s increasingly interdependent world.

They have now produced a pub-lication which represents a distillation of the main themes of the discussion. Quotations of journalists are drawn from the transcripts of proceedings at the seminars and round table. Full versions can be found on the website along with perspectives from in-dividual participants; the names of speakers; summaries of the issues raised; video clips of some of the seminars, and online discussion and links to related articles and sites.

This book provides a checklist intended to prompt journalists engaged with the idea of responsibility. The School of Journalism Studies at Cardiff University will be running a Reporting the World M.A. course, which will be taught in the next academic year.

FURTHER INFORMATION : Reporting the World Project run by Conflict and Peace Forum, Taplow Court, Bucks, SL6 OER, Tel: 01628 591239 / 233

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