Twenty years ago, Anuradha Vittachi and Peter Armstrong pioneered the world’s first citizen-generated knowledge-sharing system: the BBC’s Domesday Project, which mobilised over a million people to record, photograph and map the life of their communities.

Their next project was ñ the world’s first global justice portal on the internet, achieving over a quarter of a billion hits per year from a world-wide audience. Now they plan to bring together millions of people again across many different sectors of society through OneClimate. It will be the global citizens’ answer to the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced.

Anuradha explains: ‘Climate cooling requires individuals, schools, community groups, governments ñ everyone ñ to act. OneClimate will join the dots to form an interdependent global network of individuals and groups, each providing their piece of the solution.’

On the 3D virtual world of Second Life, OneClimate Island is the first space de-voted to practical solutions to climate change. It hosts international meetings which can be attended by people from around the world ñ from the comfort of their own homes ñ without resorting to carbon-emitting modes of transport.

During the UN Climate Summit in Nairobi last year, the OneClimate Island hosted a virtual’ Parallel Summit with daily webcasts straight from Nairobi and discussions in a range of international seminars. OneClimate Island will host another Virtual Summit in December 2007, when the UN Climate Summit is held in Bali. ‘ is a social net-working space ñ a climate Facebook’,’ says Anuradha. ‘Individuals and groups can record their profiles and track the progress of their carbon footprints as they move to a low-carbon lifestyle.’ launches in October

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