How They Drew Water

Water Aid and the global design firm ARUP recently launched a challenge to develop inspirational ideas that could provide millions with clean safe water and proper sanitation in the near future.

The winning design, by Joseph Corey and Eyal Malka, was WatAir ‚Ä’ a system that extracts water vapour from the air, using a pyramidal panel to deliver at least 48 litres of water per day. ‚ÄúA wonderfully simple concept which draws its inspiration from nature,‚Äù says Jo da Silva of ARUP.

Other designs included Paddle for Water, in which recycled bicycles are sent into developing countries where it is difficult to access water. They are plugged into special wells to make water pumping faster and more effective. Also submitted was a sustainable sewage treatment called Use Your Water, a scheme that links urban planning and water treatment in a unique way. “Sewerage is a major issue now in developing countries. Finding a way to continue biological treatment and green infrastructure is something to explore very quickly,” says Valerie Kuntz of Water Aid.

The Drawing Water competition generated many ingenious ideas and new technologies. It attracted 91 entries from 19 countries across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.


First place design, WatAir
Photo: © ARUP/Water Aid

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