Divine Bradley

‘The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it’
Divine Bradley: Founder of Team Revolution

At 25 years of age, Divine Bradley is a Renaissance man: a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker, team trainer, community leader, fundraiser, award winner, producer, recording artist and a marketing consultant. When he was only 17, he created Team Revolution. This non-profit, youth leadership and community service organisation is a safe space where kids can go after school, get off the streets and be in a constructive environment with the chance to become involved in their communities. To date, the organisaton has served more than 500 young people, earning the respect, recognition and support from many, including Hillary Clinton.

‘My largest passion is making a living giving,’ says Divine, ‘working with young minds to assist in developing and nurturing their futures by creating new possibilities today.’

Divine, now a Role Model’ for Polo Ralph Lauren’s G.I.V.E Campaign ñ Get Involved, Volunteer, Exceed, is also the subject of an award winning documentary, The Hip Hop Project, executively produced by Bruce Willis and American rapper Queen Latifah. His passion inspires both young and old alike. Whether presenting at an international conference, a college tour or working one-to-one, he listens carefully and encourages people of all ages to follow their own paths, embrace their creative spirit of entrepreneurship and live according to core values of service to community, interdependence, self-reliance, open mindedness and courage.

Divine has always taken the road less travelled, sometimes by tragic chance. After losing friends and family, dabbling in inner city street life and enduring the murder of a close friend, he took control of his destiny. At that critical point where many youngsters become lost, he determined that his life mattered and decided to be a part of the solution, not the problem’.

Through The Hip Hop Project, a programme uniting young artists with music industry professionals, he helped high school youths to write, sing, produce, release, market and distribute their own albums. He used his love for learning and gift for teaching, becoming a youth mentor through Americorps Public Allies ñ a community based literacy programme, where he developed a hip hop approach to help over 30 students succeed in school.

Today, his organisation continues to grow with a recently formed Fellowship Academy, a specialised school designed for young people with the drive to make a difference. Eventually, Divine hopes to set up Team Revolutions in communities all over the world.

Divine received the Golden BRICK Award
in the category of Community Building in 2007.
Contact: youtube.com/ watch?v=i_T7FaZsXfA

Contact: www.teamrevolution.org
and www.divinebradley.com

Entrepreneur, Divine Bradley
Photo: © Cathrine Westergaard

Cathrine Westergaard was born to a broadway and film producer, so she spent her childhood among a world of auditions and red carpet openings. Her photographs capture subtle and unconventional beauty with a downtown edge, full of elegance but with a modern twist. A semi-finalist in the Hasselblad Master Competition, she was rewarded for her outstanding creative and technical achievement in the field of photography.

Contact: Cathrine Westergaard

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