All Aboard for Europe

An adventurous family from the Forest of Dean are setting out on the trip of a lifetime in their 30-year-old double-decker bus. Peter Kramer and Cristina Solana, have spent many years working within Camphill Villages around the UK and want to explore similar pioneering communities being set up across Europe.

Camphill communities are inspirational places enabling vulnerable adults and young people with learning difficulties to live and work side by side with adults without special needs. Together, they build rich, inclusive and fulfilling lives.

Peter and Cristina have two children, 5-year-old Inka and 3-year-old Rowan, who will be travelling with them. The couple have trained in the principles of organic and biodynamic farming and are hoping to pick up new ideas while sharing their experience and skills along the way.

Peter has also been a master baker for six years and the family will have a mobile wood-fired bread oven in tow, which they will use to bake delicious breads and pizzas. “Today wood-fired ovens can be run very efficientlyand cost-effectively compared to those that use other fuels,” Peter reveals.

Cristina has often thought of herself as born to travel. “We decided to leave behind a fulfilling, busy, involved, challenging and worthwhile life at theGrange Village Camphill Community,” she said. However, she longed for the road, “to experience a sense of freedom in discovering what else is out there, to find out what other ways of life people have followed and to get to know places of outstanding beauty.”

“First, we will visit a Camphill community in Holland called Chistophorus, where they live and work with youngsters with learning disabilities and after that, we are expected at Okodorf Sieben Linden, an eco-village in Germany,” said Cristina. “Later in the year we will be visiting Camphill Communities in Latvia, Estonia and St Petersburg. We are waiting for confirmation from further communities in Hungary and the Czech Republic, as well as Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.”

The couple will be handing out issues of Positive News to people they meet along their journey. We wish Peter, Cristina, Inka and Rowan the very best for a safe and enjoyable double-decker trip!

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Peter, Cristina and family, with their double-decker bus
Photo: © Cristina Solana