Majority of UK children are ‘happy’, finds study

Nine out of ten children in the UK are happy, according to a new report, with an overwhelming number of teenagers being completely content with their friends

The Office of National Statistics asked a group of children aged 10 to 15: “How do you feel about your life as a whole, friends, family, school, schoolwork, appearance?”

Responses were on a seven-point scale from “completely happy” to “not at all happy.”

The results revealed: 19 out of 20 secondary school-age children are happy with their friends – the most positive outcome of any group; 95% of children said they were also completely happy with their families; and 89% answered they were “happy with life as a whole.”

At school the happiness levels continued, with two-thirds of children being “completely happy” or “somewhat happy” with their school, and they were equally satisfied with their schoolwork.

A further three-quarters of children were satisfied with their looks and, in general, boys were slightly happier than girls.

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