Five stories to make back to school bearable

With the majority of UK schools now back after the summer break, we round up our favourite stories highlighting some of the positive changes being made in education

1. Crying for empathy

Roots of Empathy classroom-baby Mei-photo (c) Melanie Gordon

© Melanie Gordon

In thousands of schools around the world, children between the ages of five and 12 are taking lessons from a newborn baby. The result? Increased emotional intelligence, understanding and empathy towards classmates, and less bullying and aggression.


2. New answers: rethinking education

Arlantic College Day 2Pic Gareth Iwan Jones+44 0750082900319th November 2013

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Wellbeing and ‘peripheral’ subjects have long been sidelined in the UK education system. But as teachers and pupils struggle under increased pressure, calls for a radical rethink of the system are getting louder.


3. Philosophy programme in UK schools benefits wellbeing and grades

(c) Phil Roeder

© Phil Roeder

It may not be a big surprise to learn that children who learn philosophical thinking are more confident and patient, but new evidence shows that philosophy lessons can also improve reading and maths skills.


4. Good Business: Paul Singh, Equal Education

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© Sam Lane

Currently just 10-15 percent of children in care in the UK achieve five A*-C grades at GCSE. We talk to Paul Singh about how his social enterprise, Equal Education, is working to help improve their prospects.


5. Teachers put behind bars to foster empathy with prison-affected kids


© Flickr member Gldeon

A pioneering Scottish scheme aims to help teachers better support the 27,000 pupils with a parent in prison.