18-year-old publishes entrepreneurs book

An 18-year-old has published a new book featuring interviews with 20 acclaimed entrepreneurs under 35

An 18-year-old has published a new book featuring interviews with 20 acclaimed entrepreneurs under 35. Who Said You Can’t Be Young And Successful?, published in July, also offers tips and advice on how to start up a business at a young age.

Blessing Maragere, vice president of the UK Youth Chamber of Commerce, wrote the book while studying as a sixth form student at David Young Community Academy in Leeds.

“It is just as important as everyday education that young people are encouraged to be business minded,” said Blessing, “in order to not only build new businesses but also to cut unemployment.”

Blessing launched a contract cleaning company in Leeds when he was just 16 years old. This early success motivated him to encourage other young people to start up their own businesses.

Partnering with another young businessman, Sean Hamilton, Blessing set up a ‘boot camp’ in 2010 to help young people create projects for community benefit, which was supported by Live Unltd, a foundation for social entrepreneurs.

The event inspired Blessing to interview some of the top young business minds in the world, including Carly Ward, herself a founder of a network for young entrepreneurs (the Young Entrepreneur Society).

“I was honoured to be included in the book,” said Carly. “I hope that my contribution will help many others strive for success and achieve their full potential in life.”

Development manager at Live Unltd, Joanne Rich, said: “Blessing’s entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to changing the world for the better are inspirational.”

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