Making someone’s day in 30 seconds

A new website has been launched to help people share their gratitude with those who have helped, inspired or been there for them offers a simple online form where users can submit a message, which is then displayed on the website, with notifications emailed to the people being thanked.

The initiative was set up after “long conversations about contribution to society,” says Lee Manning, a co-founder of the website alongside Steve Pentland and Pete Jones. The trio wanted to encourage people “to tell others in their life that they appreciate them, with real meaning and more often.”

Fanx is free to use, Lee points out. “We like to think that it’s not our system but theirs,” he said, referring to the website visitors.

As a site dedicated solely to messages of thanks, Lee believes that it is more effective for this purpose than social networks. “We make a real big deal out of saying thank you,” he says, adding that on social networks, thank you messages are “just another post.”

Whereas posts on social networks might only be seen be someone’s circle of contacts, Lee says that as a public forum, Fanx was specifically designed to “show off people who have been appreciated.”

“We are all about encouraging people to spread happiness,” he concludes.

Jessica Chivers, an author and life coach for women, is a fan of Fanx. “It’s a great idea,” she says. “The design is fresh, fun and smart. It’s easy and quick to use when sending a positive message to people. Even if it’s just acknowledging someone in your life, it makes their day and makes you feel good too.”