Wales plans sustainable transport revolution

The Welsh government have announced plans to make it a legal requirement for local councils to provide and maintain cycle and walking routes

Set out in the proposed Active Travel bill, the plans aim to encourage more cycling and walking in Wales and provide traffic-free connections between important services such as hospitals, schools and shopping areas.

If passed, the bill would oblige councils to map out current walking and cycle routes in their areas, identify and carry out improvements on existing routes and explore potential for new routes to be created. Any new road developments would have to also include plans to improve walking and cycling.

With more than half of all car journeys covering less than five miles, according to the charity Sustrans, it is hoped that the scheme will improve health, provide people with cheap and safe transport options and reduce congestion and emissions.

The plans are currently at the consultation stage, which will run until 14 August 2012. The bill is expected to be introduced at the National Assembly for Wales in spring 2013.