What if… there was a transition festival?

The Festival of Transition, a UK-wide celebration of grassroots responses to climate change, will take place in the run-up to and during this year’s Rio+20 Earth Summit on 20-22 June 2012

Museums, galleries and public spaces will host talks, debates and workshops led by scientists and campaigners around the theme of ‘What if?’ For example, a debate taking place on 14 June at Manchester Museum and chaired by Kevin Anderson, professor of energy and climate change at the University of Manchester, will ask ‘What if… Manchester was as sustainable as Havana?’

There will also be Transition Walks across the country, which will explore potential solutions to economic, social and environmental problems, through tours of the landscape and cultural sites. One such event will be A Walk Through Our Future on 17 June, which will visit positive spaces and communities in Bristol.

On 20 June an initiative titled 24 Hours of Possibility will encourage people to choose an action that they believe will be part of a sustainable post-transition world and carry it out over a 24-hour period. Ideas put forward so far include 24 hours of only eating local food, 24 hours of life outdoors and 24 hours of moving your money to ethical banks.