Mobile app launched to help people grow fruit and veg

A mobile app designed to help people grow their own fruit and veg has been launched

A mobile app designed to help people grow their own fruit and veg has been launched by leading environmental volunteering charity, BTCV (formerly British Trust for Conservation Volunteers).

Featuring a one-touch calculator, which works out how much veg you can grow per square metre on your plot, balcony or garden ― and the money you can save in doing so ― the app will also let you know the typical food miles you have saved by not having to buy produce grown elsewhere. A month by month planner is included to help users decide when to plant and harvest produce.

Along with all manner of tips and advice, the app comes with a number of recipes donated by BTCV celebrity supporters, including Julia Bradbury, Alan Titchmarsh and Linda Barker, giving ideas for what you can make with your home grown food.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

BTCV chief executive, Tom Flood CBE, said: “A growing number of people are starting to grow their own as a response to recession and concern about where their food comes from. Growing your own is simple, fun and can help you save money and take action against climate change.”

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