Organic Africa

Overseas staff at the Henry Doubleday Research Association, have been sending out organic farming and agroforestry information, advice, and vital resources to Africa and are now empowering the people who live there to do the job themselves.

They have started by creating 200 African tree nurseries, setting up the Ghana Organic Agriculture Network to produce leaflets, on-farm demonstrations and training courses, as well as providing information to hundreds of groups throughout Africa to help them improve their farming systems and teach others.

HDRA need funding to continue their work and as part of their fundraising campaign, they are organising an Organic Africa Day at Ryton Organic Gardens on Sunday, 15th September 2002. This will be a celebration of African music, food, dancing, art, talks and tours, plus demonstrations of appropriate tech-nology in their recreated African Barn’. All proceeds on the day will go the HDRA’s Organic Africa Campaign.

The Henry Doubleday Research Ass-ociation is the leading organisation for researching, demonstrating and promoting organic gardening and farming in the UK. For more than 15 years HDRA has also run an Overseas Programme, providing support for sustainable farming and agroforestry in the tropics and subtropics.
FURTHER INFORMATION : Contact: Overseas Programme, HDRA, Ryton Organic Gardens, Coventry, CV8 3LG, tel: 024 7630 3517
WEB SITE : http://www. EMAIL: [email protected]

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