Reading group promotes understanding of economy

A UK-based reading group programme has been set up to help people better understand the economy

The Econo…what? scheme provides free downloadable reading materials, links to films and useful websites, plus a list of suggested discussion topics. These resources are divided into a 10-step programme to be followed over a 10-week period.

The initiative is being run by Jubilee Debt Campaign as part of its Economic Justice Project, which is supported by several non-profit organisations including People and Planet, and War on Want.

Econo…what? aims to give people an understanding of how the economy works, the causes of the global financial crisis and the impact it has on people’s lives. According to the website, the list is suitable for those with no prior experience of economics but should also offer those with prior knowledge some new insights.

“Despite the impacts of the economic system on our lives, when it comes to arguing about what kind of economy we want, many people feel intimidated or confused by complex economic language,” the website reads. “This reading group aims to break down that idea. Everyone can and should be able to have an opinion on what is happening now, and what alternatives can be fought for.”

Currently there is a group in London and one launching in Birmingham. Anyone can set up a group, with Econo… what? offering comprehensive support.