Changing the story

Seán Dagan Wood

Editorial: Eventually the media’s current narrative for society will become obsolete. For 20 years now, Positive News has been building a new one

Like all water travels to converge at the sea, all words flow into stories. Our conversations, songs, TV programmes, advertising and journalism all form the stories that create our shared sense of reality.

So what’s the story with mindfulness? Why is the practice of being fully present and aware becoming so popular?

Perhaps one reason is that “people are waking up,” as the woman who founded Positive News 20 years ago, Shauna Crockett-Burrows, liked to put it. Beneath the narrative of the status quo, a large-scale shift is occurring in people’s values. Two decades ago, this publication began reporting the manifestations of this.

Eventually society’s current narrative will become obsolete. You’re looking at a new one. It is one where our country is – despite some appearances – becoming more peaceful and tolerant, where local economies are being reinvented, where innovations are benefiting people’s health. It’s a world where a president gives 90% of his salary to charity, where citizens are redesigning their nation to be sustainable for generations to come, and where people are giving their time and energy to support those in conflict zones.

This is not the only version of reality, and the difficulties faced by many are severe. But do you recognise strands of these positive stories in your own life? Do you feel that shift within yourself?

If we want a world free of violence, then we need a world where individually, we are at peace. How do we make our lives an embodiment of peace? We need stories of peace that we can all become part of.

People regularly tell me that they avoid the mainstream news now because it is so negative. It is only a matter of time before the media has to change; before the story changes.

In this, Positive News’ 20th year, we’ve launched a reader survey giving you a chance not only to win some great prizes, but to help shape the future of this publication. It’s your opportunity to create the next chapter of Positive News’ story, and to help us bring that vision of a better future to the wider world. I look forward to hearing your views.

  • Terry Mac

    I cannot agree more.

    Even so, I myself can get somewhat demoralized about the state of things – then I see a clip of Jim Dean of Democracy For America saying they have 1 million members actively campaigning. Avaaz has 23 million members and growing rapidly.

    Then I get energized again and remember we are so many and most people are decent. We can do great things.

  • thestoryteller

    I agree. Change story . . . change self . . . change the world. We don’t have to accept the negative stories the media tells us about ourselves. We are the authors of our own lives, our own stories. Let’s start re-claiming them and living a world that we want, not the one the media tells us we need. I’ve seen people in desperate conditions choosing to live with a positive mind set and creating a positive story, a life with attitude and hope. If your story is not working for you, change it and start living positively.

  • Nikki29

    I completely agree with this called “Changing the Story” because I want to live in a world where you can wake up and not be worried about any violence in your city. People need to realize that if they are involved in crimes or any violence it is not only hurting them but everybody else in the world also. Every individual should have positive vibes and leave those negative vibes somewhere else because we only live once. You never know if you will wake up the next day or if you will die a week from now. Hence everybody should live with peace and have a positive attitude everyday because you never know when your last to live will be.

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