Travelling Library for African Schools

A donkey and bicycle-drawn cart is delivering a library service to schools in Somalia, Sudan and Uganda ñ former conflict areas that are short of books.

With a storage trunk made of steel to repel rats and termites, it is padlocked to protect its valuable contents: around 100 volumes of fiction, non-fiction and reference books.

The library is constantly on the move and its supply is refreshed every month. Designed to reach deep into the rural countryside, this book-box’ on wheels is designed to bring knowledge, stimulation and empowerment.

Administered by Africa Educational Trust, it is an important tool in their programme for using education to improve lives of great hardship. The carts carry a diverse supply of reading material, fiction and factual, and cater for child and adult readers. In addition to books in native languages, some are available in English. The mobile libraries can be used to distribute and support distance-learning programmes, and provide access to essential educational materials for schools without established libraries. This travelling resource may also be used to deliver school equipment and library materials which have been donated by UK organisations, schools and individuals.

Image: School children taking a book break’ in Somalia courtesy of
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