Opportunity for young people to lead volunteering network

A volunteering charity is recruiting and training young people to co-ordinate social change projects

An independent charity, V, is recruiting young people to lead a new network of volunteers who will promote healthy living, regenerate community spaces and protect the planet.

The National Young Volunteers Service, as V is otherwise known, are looking for “sparky and energetic” 18–25 year olds with “creative brilliance and natural people skills” to form ‘teamv’, which will lead other volunteers in order to make real change happen in communities across England.

Those chosen for teamv will be invited to attend a series of training camps in order to equip them with the skills to co-ordinate local projects, support volunteers and manage a budget. The team will also receive toolkits and promotional resources to help them turn their projects into action.

“V continues to develop new models of voluntary action that are local, self-sustaining, empowering and youth-led; bringing people together to improve lives and local communities,” said Rachel Ashcroft, youth network manager. “As part of this commitment, V is creating teamv, a network of young people who can lead and deliver social action DIY-style, playing their part in the development of a bigger, better society.”

Teamv members will take responsibility to lead and champion national projects in the areas where they live, which will run in November this year and then in February and April 2012. The commitment involves around 20 hours a month.

Whether currently in work, training, on a gap year, studying, or just looking for an opportunity to build their skills and leadership experience, V are open to applications from any young people who are socially aware and want to change things for the better.

If chosen for the role, individuals will also be able to apply, on completion of the programme, for a teamv scholarship worth up to £1000. The scholarships are designed to help young leaders plan for their futures.

“This project builds on our 5-year track record in creating innovative and inspiring youth volunteering programmes,” said Rachel.

Since its launch in May 2006, V has worked with over 500 charities and community organisations to create over 1 million youth volunteering opportunities. It has also enabled 1,700 young people to set up and lead their own voluntary projects with funding from its vcashpoint scheme.

The skills, experience and confidence that can be gained through volunteering, should be more widely recognised by everyone, V believes. By creating opportunities that are diverse, compelling and easy to take part in, the charity aims to make giving up your time to help others a natural lifestyle choice for young people.

While challenging the negative image of young people and championing the positive contributions they make, a key to V’s success is the fact that the organisation is youth led. With a v20 youth advisory board and 107 youth action teams acrossEngland, more than 12,000 young people have already been consulted through V’s research.

The deadline for applications for teamv is 5pm, Thursday 20 October.