Five inspiring stories for International Youth Day

Today is the fifteenth International Youth Day – a United Nations initiative to raise awareness of youth issues worldwide. To mark the day we’ve rounded up five of our favourite stories about inspirational young people

‘I want a network of young people creating a different economy’
With young people trapped between unemployment and underemployment, the political response is too paternalistic, says Rhiannon Colvin, co-founder of AltGen – an organisation encouraging 18-29-year-olds to shape their own futures through setting up co-operative enterprises.

Photo © AltGen


Students call for shakeup of economics teaching
Mainstream economics teaching fails to address 21st century issues, say students from 41 protest groups around the world.

Photo © GURWES


Running free
Parkour, also known as free-running, is boosting the confidence of vulnerable young people.

Photo © Irven Lewis


The fair trade generation
Young Britons who have grown up in the era of a flourishing fair trade market are highly sensitive to global issues and want to see businesses acting to end inequality and climate change – according to analysis from the Fairtrade Foundation.

Photo © The Co-operative


Gifted graduates putting the ‘social’ into social enterprise
Social enterprise Year Here encourages promising graduates into the social sector to apply themselves to the most pressing social issues of the day.

Photo © Vicky Perryman