A moment of reflection before the election: turn up and hold hands

Politics can be a divisive subject. But rather than arguing about our differences before the election, an event called Turn Up and Hold Hands is inviting people to take a moment to celebrate what unites us as human beings. Organiser Samantha Moyo explains

As we go full steam ahead into the general election on Thursday, I’m calling for people to come together from across the political divide, across ages, religions, ethnicities and genders, to take a moment to reflect. A moment to pause, to breathe, a moment to marvel in our diversity and rejoice in what unites us.

This election campaign has been missing something. Our world is changing: our consciousness is shifting and it’s time to start having different conversations. It’s time for us to ask different questions, to take different approaches and to start questioning every single belief system we have. This includes coming up with new solutions of how we are governed and how our leaders do and see their work. It is time to challenge all our rhythms, to turn it all on it’s head.

Our screens, newspapers and radios have been filled with people point scoring, trying to get one up on each other, and trying to show just how different they are from everyone else. Which politician is using the word love? Which politician is spending time in non-formal attire with the communities they wish to represent? Which politician is owning up to their mistakes? Which politician is telling us they are here to serve? Which politician is highlighting the wonderful policies of their opposing parties?

“Before we enter into another five-year marriage with a new government, let’s agree on our fundamental commonality. We are wonderful, simple, human creatures trying to make sense of our glorious existence.”

I found myself looking at these debates and realising that something was missing in the conversation – something that we have been cultivating at our sober Morning Gloryville raves around the world: a joyful coming together, a sense of unity and an appreciation of one another, an allowing of being heart-centred.

It’s 50 years since ‘flower power’ was coined by iconic beat poet Allen Ginsberg in his essay How to Make a March/Spectacle. The flower power movement coincided with a new era of thinking, being and seeing: Martin Luther King had a dream, women claimed a new liberation and people took to the streets in their millions saying no to the Vietnam war, demanding civil rights collectively, and embracing unity.

The movement and the energy of that time is an inspiration for Morning Gloryville. We brought conscious clubbing and sober raving to the world stage, and that was only the beginning of what we had in mind.

It’s been an incredible journey so far. After pledging my allegiance to queen and country recently, I am now officially a British Citizen. And as a British Citizen I want to make this place I call home as wonderful and as beautiful as it can be. I want to it to be more loving. I want to see us leading the world in how to live as an evolved community – how to upgrade to being a new paradigm future-focussed society. With the challenges that climate change is bringing we must upgrade. This way we will be able to work together harmoniously to solve the problem that is: how do we save our planet?, how do we save our home?

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I’m inviting parliamentary candidates from across the parties, poets, members of churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, the Fabulus of Unicorns, Lyrically Challenged, the Occupy movement, the Girl Guides and the Scouts, musicians, campaigners, flash mobs, LGBT groups, samba bands, and all of our morning ravers, to come down to Speakers’ Corner on the 4 May, to Turn Up and Hold Hands.

Before we enter into another five-year marriage with a new government, let’s agree on our fundamental commonality. We are wonderful, simple, human creatures trying to make sense of our glorious existence. Let’s take a moment to celebrate life in all of its forms, and recognise just how far we have come in the last 50 years. This is not anti-politics, it is a pro-people and pro-planet action.

Turn Up and Hold Hands will take place from 4 – 5pm on 4 May at Spearkers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London.