Social network launched to inspire positive change

A new social network has been launched to promote ideas that will improve our lives and change the world

According to its website, is aimed at “utopian pragmatists,” who see the present time as holding an opportunity to “rethink, reconnect, and reinvent.”

In the face of global crises, Evolver hopes to give rise to practical and creative projects such as organic farms, healing centres and gift economies.

Founded by the team behind the e-magazine Reality Sandwich, the site currently has over 20,000 members and more than 50 regional hubs across the US and Europe, which are termed ‘spores.’

Reality Sandwich’s publisher Ken Jordan explains the purpose of Evolver: “The big picture mission is to provide a platform for the many people who are seeing the connection between their own exploration of consciousness and a sense of responsibility for the state of the planet… so really connecting consciousness to social change”

In addition to promoting grassroots projects, Evolver is working with to offer a webinar series called The Evolver Intensives, which explores the possibilities for how humans can thrive. The online seminars have included talks from people such as Andrew Harvey, author of A Guide to Sacred Activism.