#OwnTheMedia campaign succeeds: Positive News now owned by readers

With more than 1,000 new co-owners on board, Positive News has reached its £200,000 fundraising target on day 25 of the #OwnTheMedia campaign. It now aims to raise a total of £250,000 by 8 July

A fantastic 1149 readers, journalists and supporters joined us as co-owners in the past 25 days. Together, you invested £200,000 and helped us reach the target five days early.

We are overwhelmed not just by your hugely generous support but by the many kind and insightful messages you shared from around the world via the crowdfunding page, email, social media, phone, postcards, letters and in person.

Stretch goal

If you are as taken aback by this fast progress as we are and have not yet become a co-owner, there is good news: you can still join. You can invest until Wednesday 8 July 6pm GMT at www.ownthemedia.org.

With five more days to go in the crowdfunding campaign, we are now officially in ‘overfunding mode’. Our stretch goal is £250,000 and every pound of investment will go towards key needs such as employing core staff and investing in developing our content, website and print publication. The more we now raise, the more time and resources we can give ourselves to make Positive News financially sustainable and increase our reach and impact.

Seán Dagan Wood, editor-in-chief of Positive News, said: “To all our new co-owners I want to say a huge and sincere thank you. It is amazing to know that we now have this incredible community at the heart of Positive News, and that you have created the opportunity for Positive News to flourish like never before.

“And it’s not even over. I’m excited to see how far we can take this campaign in the remaining days, and how much more we will then be able to do to give voice to all the inspirational change taking place in the world.”