Occupy movement publishes manifesto

Occupy members around the world have collectively written a manifesto in an attempt to identify the causes of current economic, social and environmental crises and propose solutions

Criticised by some for lacking a unified viewpoint or providing alternatives to the system it rejects, the movement has put forward three main objectives in the ‘GlobalMay manifesto.’

The first is to shift the economic focus from profit to supporting social welfare and the environment. Occupy suggest this would include free access to healthcare, education, employment and housing for all people and making ecocide – large scale environmental destruction – a recognised crime.

Secondly, the manifesto calls for an economy that is run democratically on all levels by implementing measures such as abolishing tax havens, creating a maximum wage and putting an end to bank bail-outs.

Finally, Occupy want to see a fully democratic political system. One proposal suggests that rather than having elite groups of nations such as the G8 and G20, any decisions affecting all of humanity would be taken in democratic and participatory forums such as a UN parliamentary assembly into which officials would be elected by all the world’s citizens.

Contributors to the manifesto point out that they may not speak on behalf of everyone involved in the Occupy movement and that it is a work in progress and open to new contributions.