New issue of Positive News offers hope in uncertain times

Published in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, the new issue of Positive News magazine reports on people, communities and organisations that are creating the building blocks for a thriving society

Following the turmoil of the UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union, amid slumping financial markets, a spike in hate crimes and political party divides, the latest issue of Positive News magazine offers a solution-focused perspective on key social issues.

“Now more than ever we need a lens on the world that spreads inspiration rather than fear,” says Positive News editor-in-chief Seán Dagan Wood.

Published on 12 July, the magazine’s cover features ‘utopian realist’ Rutger Bregman. The Dutch author and historian is interviewed about how he is breathing new life into some long-standing ideas for a fairer, more caring society, such as a 15-hour working week and universal basic income.

It is through serious optimism that we will legitimise the foundations of a thriving society

Another leading feature in the quarterly magazine shares the stories of refugees who, having overcome persecution in their native countries, have now settled in London. Alongside portraits by award-winning photographer Caroline Irby, their stories are uncovered through a focus on the moment that they first felt at home in the UK.

The new issue also reports on community resilience in the face of Rio de Janeiro’s often destructive race to the Olympics; explores how performance art is bringing hope to isolated young people in northernmost Canada; and considers what it really means to eat sustainably.

“It can feel vulnerable to risk thinking utopian in the face of life’s hurts, unknowns and a tense political atmosphere,” says Wood. “But it is through some serious optimism, giving more attention to practical examples and ideas for positive change, that we will legitimise the foundations of a truly thriving society.”

Following its #OwnTheMedia crowdfunding campaign last year, Positive News is now a pioneering media co-operative, owned by its readers and supporters globally. It publishes constructive journalism, a field that is gaining traction and recognition as understanding grows about the impact of news on our perspectives, wellbeing and how people engage in society.
The latest issue of Positive News magazine (issue 86, quarter three 2016) will be launched on Tuesday 12 July in conjunction with a photography exhibition held by charity Breaking Barriers, at the Proud Archivist in London, from 6:30pm. The exhibition, which runs until 18 July, will display portraits of London-based refugees, telling the stories of how they found freedom in the UK. Some of the photography in the exhibition is also featured in the new issue of Positive News magazine. For more information see:

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