Event to explore the potential of solution-focused news

Former BBC news presenter Martyn Lewis will be joined by Positive News editor Sean Dagan Wood at a public talk and discussion in London, on the potential of solution-focused journalism

While the ethics of the press are being scrutinised following the News of the World phone-hacking scandal, people are also increasingly questioning the way the media is dominated by bad news. Does the immense volume of negative headlines really reflect reality?

No, argue two proponents of a more constructive balance of good and bad news, who will be sharing their views at Alternatives – a weekly event in central London showcasing the ideas of leading alternative thinkers.

Speaking at the event at St James’s in Piccadilly, on the evening of Monday 18 February, former BBC news presenter Martyn Lewis will draw upon three decades of experience in the industry to offer his vision of solutions-driven journalism.

This approach, he says, is a practical way for the media to give a more balanced picture of the world while keeping to journalism’s fundamental standards and ethics.

Editor of Positive News, Seán Dagan Wood, will join Lewis to explain the benefits of reporting good news. He will reveal how Positive News is pioneering a new constructive media sector and will look at this exciting movement in the context of humanity’s changing consciousness.

The event’s speakers believe that by reporting on successes, achievements and solutions to the challenges facing us, the media can truly serve society.

More information: www.alternatives.org.uk