Interactive conference to present a vision of a better future

Embrace the Change brings together experts in the environment, economy and media to explore more positive and sustainable ways of living

The future of the economy, environment, media and personal change will be discussed at an interactive conference on 27 March, titled Embrace the Change.

Experts in their fields will present their vision for a better future to audiences both online and in studios at Southampton Solent University. The event is being produced by Global Documentary, a project dedicated to sharing ideas and solutions for a sustainable future.

Editor of Positive News, Seán Dagan Wood, will be sharing his vision for a more constructive and balanced media. Other speakers include Kate Raworth of Doughnut Economics, who will be proposing a new ecnomic model; Alice Hooker-Stroud from the Zero Carbon Britain project, which sets out what a low carbon world would look like; and Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney of Embercombe, an enterprise that seeks to inspire committed action for a truly sustainable world.

A variety of other experts, including senior lecturers from Southampton Solent University, lawyer Polly Higgins, and author Charles Eisenstein, are among those joining the discussion as panelists in the studio and via Skype.

Kate Maple, creative director of Global Documentary, told Positive News that the organisers were motivated to create such an event because they realised that many people believe change needs to happen in the world but don’t know what can actually be done.

She said: “What we fundamentally feel we need to do now is move the conversation forwards, from problems to solutions, to creatively find ways to navigate our way through the current issues towards a better future.

“This event seeks to be part of that process, by linking people together on a global scale, and hopefully empowering people to come away from the event full of ideas and inspiration as to how they personally can get involved.”

Embrace the Change will be broadcast live online between 7pm and 9pm on 27 March at Tickets to be part of the studio audience have sold out.