Website helps campaign groups fund advertising

A new crowd-funding scheme is helping people and organisations that are working for good causes, to advertise to the public has created the UK’s first platform where like-minded people can join together to help fund socially positive advertising and media campaigns.

“Advertising is a very powerful force. It is mostly used to sell products or services, but it can also be a powerful platform for people to raise awareness about issues that are important to them,” says Jon Simpkin, spokesperson for Advert Activist.

“Campaign organisations and groups need to use advertising to put forward their messages, however many can not afford this. So Advert Activist, and the crowd funding model it uses, is a great solution to this problem.”

Campaign groups can set up a project on the website and set the amount of money they need to raise to get their campaign featured on a certain media platform. This could be an online display advert, advertising on a bus shelter, a newspaper advert, a billboard, flyers or beer mats for example. The public can then fund the campaigns that they feel passionate about and would like to raise awareness of.

“Our ultimate goal is to build a community of people large enough to fund some really big advertising campaigns,” says Jon. “Imagine if 100,000 people all put some money towards a big advertising campaign that highlighted the issue of economic inequality. This would place great pressure on governments, corporations and citizens to act.”