Online platform puts policies before party politics

Vote for Policies, an online service that allows people to see which party their views most align with, has launched its 2015 edition ahead of the general election in May. The site aims to engage with five million voters before polls are cast

Vote for Policies, an independent online survey, presents users with a list of policies for different areas, such as health, immigration and crime. Individuals then select the ones they most agree with and are then shown which UK political party best matches their choices.

In the last general election, Vote for Policies user preferences didn’t match up with results of the general election, suggesting that UK politics could be very different if people voted based purely on policies.

In 2010 if people had voted based on policies alone, the general election would have been a massive success for the Green Party, results from Vote for Policies suggest. The Green’s policies on crime, health, education and the environment ranking highest.

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Popular policies from other parties included Liberal Democrat policies on the economy and democracy and Labour’s approach to immigration and welfare. Conservatives, who won 307 seats in the 2010 election, came out top only in its approach to Europe.

In the six weeks running up to the 2010 election, more than 280,000 people used the Vote for Policies website. This year, following a crowdfunding campaign, the organisation has set a target of reaching five million voters.

Founder of Vote for Policies, Matt Chocqueel-Mangen, explained to Blue & Green Tomorrow that in the long-term Vote for Policies aims to encourage more voters to engage with politics and create a more “sustainable democracy”.

First published by Blue & Green Tomorrow