Campaigns round up: Summer 2014

The latest news, efforts and success stories from the world of campaigning

SUCCESS: Victory for Earth’s most threatened tribe
Two years after Survival International and Hollywood star Colin Firth launched a campaign to save the Amazon’s Awá tribe from extinction, the Brazilian government has announced that all invaders have been removed from the tribe’s territory. The campaign sets a new record in the history of Survival International and its efforts to protect the land of indigenous tribes.
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TAKE ACTION: Find Nigeria’s missing girls
More than 200 girls were abducted from their boarding school in Nigeria recently, with their kidnappers allegedly planning to sell them as brides for just $12 each. The news has captured the attention of the world, with Michelle Obama, the FBI and even the Pope taking measures to #BringBackOurGirls.
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SUCCESS: Tesco commits to sustainable tuna
After combined pressure from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight campaign and a Greenpeace petition that gathered more than 85,000 signatures, supermarket chain Tesco has taken steps to ensure its main supplier of tuna, Oriental & Pacific, will commit to sustainable fishing practices, banning the use of big nets and FADs (fish aggregation devices). Allowing for existing stock to be sold, Oriental & Pacific’s new sustainably sourced tuna will be on Tesco shelves from April 2015.
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TAKE ACTION: Get one million disabled people into work
Disabled people are twice as likely to be unemployed as able-bodied individuals and in the last year alone, 220,000 more disabled people fell out of work than found a new job, according to disability charity Scope. The organisation is campaigning to ensure employment for one million disabled individuals by 2020, which it believes can be achieved by job creation, flexible working and support for employers.
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SUCCESS: Newborn care legislation creates better baby health
A Leeds midwife who masterminded a global campaign to delay the cutting of babies’ umbilical cords is celebrating a major victory after her findings were taken into account in new NHS draft guidelines. Amanda Burleigh found that babies whose umbilical cords were cut between one and five minutes after birth, rather than immediately, were less likely to suffer from asthma, autism and allergies. Her petition attracted more than 5,000 signatures from 40 countries and won support from the Royal College of Midwives.
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TAKE ACTION: Stop the Keystone oil pipeline
Billed as the defining climate decision of Obama’s presidency, the US government is currently debating the creation of a pipeline that will transport 830,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada across the United States, potentially pumping millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. Public action has delayed building work once, and a court ruling has since jeopardised the scale of the project, but activists want to see the plans scrapped for good.
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