3 projects helping mums (and carers) back to work

From learning in-demand skills to flexible working hours, we round up initiatives that are making it easier for full-time mums and carers to return to the workplace


Social skills: Digital Mums

As well as training mums in in-demand social media management skills, Digital Mums arranges job opportunities on graduation. The team runs campaigns for flexible working that fits around family life, under the hashtags #WorkThatWorks and #CleanUpTheFWord, references to the stigma they say can be associated with flexible working.


Returnships: Women Returners

Aimed at professional women returning to work after career breaks, Women Returners offers job listings, events and ‘returnships’ – internships for older, experienced people. Some companies, including Goldman Sachs and Deloitte, also run programmes for women and men who are returning to work after breaks as carers.


Feeling flexible: 2to3days

Joining the likes of Timewise Jobs and Working Mums on the recruitment scene, agency 2to3days matches employers with mothers who are looking for stimulating work on a part-time flexible basis. They post jobs daily and are proud of their niche, reminding employers: “We don’t talk to dinosaurs, only forward-thinking companies.”


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