Positive News #114, Jul-Sep 2023


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Cover story: What if everything turns out alright? The power of imagining the future we want

The news is full of the catastrophic scenarios that could face humanity. Where are the heartening visions of the future that we’re all longing for? And how can we get there if we don’t even dare to imagine it? We bring you the news from 2050 where everything has turned out just fine – from a stable climate to AI tamed and incredible species comebacks. Because imagining the future we want is vital if we’re to make it happen.

Other features include: Britain’s first heat pump village • The motherhood metamorphosis • Life-affirming summer reads • Slow, green travel with kids • Zimbabwe’s park bench therapists • Life after county lines • The former armed robber training city kids in trail running • Sir Tim Smit’s life lessons

Published in July 2023