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The 100th issue of Positive News magazine is out in January, and we want to invite you to contribute to a special feature. We’re on the hunt for people who are offering the world hope, and projects that are part of the blueprint for a thriving future. We want to know which ones most matter to you and that you would like to see recognised in the pages of Positive News magazine and on our website.

For example, it could be a football coach working to tackle racism in the sport; activist investors buying up shares in fossil fuel companies to bring about change from within; or organisations that are collaborating to create circular economies within our cities. It could be a person, social enterprise, charity, community group, public body or campaigning organisation.

They could be having an impact through healthcare, conservation, music or other area of activity; they could be an economist, an entrepreneur or even a chef. It may be a local changemaker, or someone on the other side of the world. All we ask is that the person or organisation is making a tangible difference and that what they are doing, even if small, has the potential to create significant change or be replicated at a greater scale.

To help you think about this we want to borrow the idea from a book by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone, called Active Hope. They describe active hope as “something we do rather than have”. “It involves being clear about what we hope for and then playing our role in the process of bringing that about.” So, we want to find examples of people and organisations that embody this idea of active hope – they hold and believe in a boldly positive vision of the future and are taking tangible steps to bring that future about.

To submit your suggestions, all you need to do is fill in this very brief form by Sunday 3 November. And if your idea is chosen, you will be acknowledged in the feature.

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