Online course to help make green dreams reality

Charlotte Squire, founder of Happyzine, is running an online course to help people envision, plan and launch green projects and businesses

Do you have a green dream you’re ready to launch?

Charlotte Squire, founder of Happyzine – an environmentally-focused good news website – is running the Green Dream Launch Pad online course to help people envision, plan and launch their green projects, businesses or careers.

Leading environmental justice advocate and economic consultant Majora Carter, based in New York,  will make a guest appearance.

“Students are mentored and encouraged within a positive, supportive online group environment,” says Charlotte, “to call upon their unique strengths and skills to make a  difference in the world.”

The course requires 90 minutes online time per week, as well as ‘dreaming and designing’ in participants’ own time.

“I’ve worked in the green industry for years as a communicator, mentor and entrepreneur,” says Charlotte. “As a passionate environmentalist myself, it took me a while to work out what I could bring to this deeply important work. I think it’s about appreciating what we each bring to the table as unique people, with different strengths and histories.

“It’s my job to help people uncover the green aspirations they already hold inside. Sometimes all people need is a little encouragement and a safe space to share their dreams and I firmly believe that every single person has something powerful and special to offer the emergence of a green economy world-wide. It’s been a powerful and emotive experience for me to watch some world-changing ideas take shape on the Green Dream Launch Pad courses and become, real, feasible projects that will lead future generations into a more positive future.”

Charlotte will lead course participants through a four week process to “dream, design, strategise and launch.” The work, she explains, “combines positive thinking and dreaming big and green, with structured goal setting, and financial planning.”

Dr Sean Weaver, who works in New Zealand and the Pacific islands in the field of native forest protection is also on board to support participants. Sean has helped preserve vast areas of ancient forest, particularly on the west coast of the New Zealand’s South Island, and in Vanuatu in Fiji.

Sign up today and the organisers will donate 20% of the course fee to Positive News, so you will be helping support the movement for positive change in more ways than one. Just quote ‘Positive News’ when signing up.

Course starts 8 August 2011.


Positive News holds no responsibility for the content of the course.