Campaigns round up: Autumn 2013

In our newest regular column, we bring you up to date with our pick of the most exciting campaign successes from around the world

Monsanto announces the end of GM food marketing in the EU
After pressure from environmental groups, agricultural biotechnology corporation Monsanto has decided not to pursue the marketing of GM seeds in the EU.
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Crucial step taken towards justice for Bhopal gas victims
A court decision made in India on 23 July requires The Dow Chemical Company to respond to the victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas leak, caused by its wholly owned subsidiary, Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), which has impacted the health of thousands of local people. Previously, UCC had ignored court summons, with Dow claiming no responsibility for the disaster.
More information: Amnesty

Gove agrees to keep climate change in the curriculum
Michael Gove has agreed to end plans to drop climate change from the UK National Curriculum after a petition created by secondary school student Esha Marwaha amassed over 31,000 signatures.
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Justice for gay couple who experienced discrimination
In July this year Michael Black and John Morgan won their fight against discrimination after they were refused entry to their pre-booked room at a Berkshire bed and breakfast because they are gay. The judge ruled in their favour and the B&B owners were told that they cannot turn away guests based on sexual orientation.
More information: Liberty

UK halts deportation of Tamil asylum seekers
After footage emerged showing that seven repatriated Tamil men were arbitrarily detained and tortured in Sri Lanka, Human Rights Watch successfully challenged British government policy that had approved plans to send the asylum seekers home. They were permitted to stay at the last minute.
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New Police Practices Help to Fight the HIV Epidemic
Sex workers in San Francisco, Washington DC and part of New York State are now permitted by law to carry condoms without fear of arrest. The new measures have been taken to help sex workers protect themselves and their clients from HIV/Aids, and steps are being taken to propose similar laws in other US states.
More information: Human Rights Watch